By its nature, home foreclosure does not
happen to people every day. It should
therefore not surprise anyone when they
do not have the proper background to
know what to do, nor should they feel
awkward or ashamed that they do not
know the proper actions to take to stop
the foreclosure. Most general practice
attorneys would not even know what to
do. Specialists in home foreclosure laws
and techniques to avoid foreclosure know
just what to do.

Based on experiences of a home foreclosure prevention, bankruptcy and debt negotiation law practice, CSMB offers information, personal counseling and automated evaluation programs helping people who have fallen behind on their mortgage to avoid foreclosure and keep their home. The vast majority of foreclosures could be stopped if the homeowner took the right steps at the right time.

First the CSMB program educates the homeowner about the many options to stop a home foreclosure. Next CSMB helps them choose which option or options would work best to help them avoid foreclosure given their own personal circumstances. Finally, CSMB tries to bring together the homeowner in foreclosure with a foreclosure avoidance specialist possessing expertise in the foreclosure prevention method they have chosen to pursue.

While CSMB does not directly provide these foreclosure prevention services we proudly offer free articles and online solution programs as a public service. CSMB dedicates itself not only to helping Connecticut residents to obtain home ownership, but we feel an obligation to make sure they do not loose their house to foreclosure. Recommendations made allow people to make the final choice of foreclosure prevention method and the professional to help them.
An interactive form available to both the phone assistants and online viewers uses an artificial intelligence system to help evaluate which option might best suit the situation of a specific homeowner in foreclosure. For those calling in, the author of the articles and the artificial intelligence program makes himself available onsite when homeowner’s questions cannot be fully answered by the articles, programs, or telephone assistants.